Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tune Time Thursdays

This week has been a huge blur. After the run on Saturday & all the Halloween parties I was wiped out! Monday I literally sat in my husband chair almost all day with out doing anything more then laundry.I was so tired I'd be typing on the computer & tears would form for no apparent reason other then I was exhausted. I didn't even feel bad that no work out was taking place. Now I am rested & almost back up to speed. It's amazing what a few days of doing nothing but sticking close to home or enjoying coffee with an old friend will do for a girl.With that being said a song this week never popped into my head until yesterday morning.

I was driving to pick up my friend when our local radio station had a contest going to win Kathy Griffith tickets for her show this weekend. You had to identify who was singing this version of Queen's  "Fat bottom girls". Well I knew who it was instantly but didn't call in because I figure if I got it that fast someone else most likely would .  Nope, the contest went on for twenty minutes, I was shocked & driving down the road screaming at my radio-LOL  But never pulled over to try & call in to the radio station- wish I had now. I love Kathy Griffith- us red heads have to stick together.Anyway that song has been stuck in my head ever since hearing yesterday morning. We love to sing it on Rockband as well when we have a gathering. 
So today's song link up with Amber from  Goodnight Moon
is "Fat Bottom Girls" by The Band Perry & the original by Queen. I like both versions but they actually sound like two different songs. I hope you enjoy!

Now to hear more great song pick from other amazing Bloggers head on over to Goodnight Moon  & link up yourself!


Anonymous said...

This song was totally played at our wedding. haha

Jamie said...

I LOVE Kathy Griffith!