Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tune Time Thursday

I am taking a break from puppy news to do my regular Thursday post. If your new to my Blog feel free to back up a few posts to catch up on all the exciting news about our new Service Dog , Banyan. Now I have had zero time to listen to any music this week with the exception of other people posting things on Facebook. With that said I decided in Honor of Veteran's Day tomorrow November 11th I would post a song I love. 

May we never forget that my freedom & yours is protected 365 days a year , 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! As some would say our Military are on duty 24/7  so thanking them just once a year isn't to much to ask. I personally think we should have to thank them everyday!! I have seen first hand what it is like when the soldier misses birthdays, holidays, weddings, births,misses life to Protect US! So even if it's a small post on a friends Facebook Wall today, tomorrow, or next week say Thank You- let them know you haven't forgotten the sacrifices they have made for our great nation. Now go link up with Amber over at Goodnight Moon to see what other lovely Bloggers have been listening to this week.

Here is Lee Greenwood with God Bless the USA


Here is a picture of some of my Favorite Veteran's Thank You All Who Served & our Serving

My husband with our Boys

Bekah & Nathan Thank You both for serving

Fork or Dork  he goes by both -  we Thank you   ;0)

Jason who is retired - Thank You

 My brother - he introduced my to my Soldier 17 years ago- Thanks!

My Amazing mom & the best role model a girl could ever ask to have- Love you mom

Paul's dad & the reason his son, my husband has served Proudly for 21 years.
You might say Army Blood runs through out both side of the family.

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