Saturday, November 12, 2011

Home to Washington

We traveled back to Oregon today to check on Banyan & we where so excited to get to bring him home with us! Jeremy was thrilled to learn we would get to take him home in the van to stay. We had another two hours of class & then off we went with Banyan & James. James is a friend's Medic Alert dog who was in Oregon for some extra training. He needed a lift back home to his Josh so we let him hitch a ride. The pups where so well behaved I almost forgot they where even in the van. Jacob came along with us & had a lot of fun. We are now all adjusting to the new puppy. Heidi is mostly unaffected & Panzer is not thrilled even a little bit! Hopefully after a few days everyone settles down into a good routine. We have lots of hard work ahead!

They gave Banyan to Jeremy- he was so happy

Jeremy was telling Jacob that Banyan was all his!

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