Friday, November 4, 2011

Fitness Friday is Back

It's been a few weeks since I've had time to write updates on my Fitness. I am still having regular work outs at least three times a week with a group of ladies who live in our neighborhood. It's so nice to have a break here at home once the boys are safely at school. We completed our training for our last 5k Obstacle run & did the race as well last Saturday. It was a super hard obstacle course but easy run. We where definitely in better shape then I have ever been going into one of these events. I do believe it was the mix of cross fit & cardio that got us through the course easy peazy. The new girl who has been training with us for about three weeks did the run & loved it!! I created a new Mud Monster like myself!  Now the only thing is the next event she wants to train for doesn't even happen until Summer 2012 sometime but you must start training now!  CRAZY, INSANE, these are just a couple of the words I used to talk about her & this new goal of hers- not sure about me yet.

It's called Tough Mudder  
If you have heard of it, then you know why it's INSANE!!
I have never claimed to be a runner & to even sign up they say you must run at least 6+ miles with ease- with EASE folks!!  Who runs 6+ miles for fun & with EASE??  Not this Girl!!
Now I talked with my husband who had way to much time on his hands yesterday. He watched hours of the events videos on the Web & now he wants to do the Run!!  He says it'll be fine those people where walking a lot of the course. I asked him if he saw the video I saw of them running a steep zig-zag hill, because they most certainly weren't walking!!  I told my husband & new workout crazed friend I would most definitely work out with her like I was going to run, but the jury was still out on my verdict. I just don't see any part of that run that looks simple. I guess that is why they call it the hardest Mud Run around. It was designed by ex-special forces guys, so insane.

In order to even think about doing the run we have to do mostly Cross Fit type workouts. I am not a huge cross fit girl but promised to do the WODS at least three times a week. Thursday was my first real day back at the work out. I took a few days off to just rest. All the hard training took it's toll & I was exhausted. Yesterday consisted of doing almost everything at least once some twice on the training WOD that Tough Mudder has on their web site for us- we printed it off. It was hard, alot of upper body with every kind of push up you could imagine. I am not a girl with a lot of upper body strength so this will be quite the challenge. My strength lies in my legs, which I hope don't get massive from all the lunges & squats. At least my booty will get to be amazing! All those squats hurt!! 

So if your like me & looking for a HUGE challenge- go watch the Tough Mudder videos to see if the event is coming your way.Get off that couch, put down that junk food & WORK!! Even if your like me & unsure if you will participate in the run you can still do the work outs. It'll get you in super shape all over. Cross fit is all about all over body fitness not just one part of your body. It'll work every muscles you've ever worked & then the one's who have never done any work as well. It will hurt, but if you push through it you will feel amazing after wards.

Here is a quick picture of my motto for while we are doing all this training, because remember I love my cardio & I AM a Gym Rat! I would much rather jump on my elliptical then run outside in the freezing cold air like we did yesterday. When I saw this little picture it summed all this training up perfectly.

I am definitely UNCOMFORTABLE!!

Remember to GET OUT & MOVE today !! Even if it's only for 30 minutes- you'll still be lapping whoever is sitting on the Couch!!

One last fun picture from the Gladiator Run last Saturday.

Yes I am reaching for the mud- I was planning a sneak attack on Bekah who had already pelted me with a hand full of mud earlier. My new work out crazy is the lady in the picture with me- she is the new insane Mud Junkie!

 I forgot to mention all the crazy friends of mine who are pushing doing Tough Mudder are being so unfair in their ploys to get me to agree. All the money raised goes to the Wounded Warrior Project- yep they know how to pull at a girls heart strings. When so many of our friends have benefited from the WWP- hard not to help the program out,ugggg


Anonymous said...

I want to join you for that run! I will be training here in town as soon as my stupid foot is healed! I hope I can run with you!

Randi :)

Amanda said...

Of COURSE you DO- Randi!! Because you are just as NUTTSO as the rest of the group ;0) I hope your foot heals soon!!

Anonymous said...

tHANKS I hope so too! I am going NUTS with no workout. Going to McVeigh in AM for upper body with Tarah. Hopefull can get a little weight pushed or pulled. :)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

I found you on military spouse blogger :) Im a new follower!