Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Training in Oregon & in Washington

 Today has been another day of all things Banyan & Jeremy. I did sneak out to get my oldest to the Orthodontist for his braces but then right back to phone calls. We received some more good news that a local soldier out of Camp Murray  has a Service Dog organization that helps soldiers get a trained dog. Well he found out about us as he put it  from a friend, of a friend, of a friend- so we are getting the word out folks-YAY!!  Anyway he called to let me know he was able to talk to Banyan's trainers in Oregon & they agreed that a mom of four with a deployed husband should not be asked to drive to Oregon up to 3 times a month on Saturdays- Hallelujah! Don't get me wrong I was committed to doing it for the 23 months they asked, but was not to excited about rearranging everything on the weekends. Anyway back to the story. He got the OK from our trainers at Oregon Assistance Dogs to agree to let him use his trainer up here in WA get this AT MY HOME!!  Sometimes we will meet at other places like a puppy field trip but if I need the trainer whose name is Debbie-  she can come to me!

Now he only agreed to this for the first 12 months or so of the training, but by the grace of God my soldier will be home by then. We just have to abide by the trainers in Oregon's rules of how he wants Banyan's training to continue- No problem says the nice soldier.  He also is providing a grant to cover a large portion of the fee we owe to OAD- So excited! We still need to keep raising money for future costs like Vet bills, food - they eat a lot & expensive food! Also training treats alot of training treats. I will also make the occasional check in with Oregon maybe 3 or 4 times while Paul is gone. Then more as Banyan finishes his advanced training. God has made this way to easy for us which makes me so nervous. I can't help but ask 1. Is Jeremy about to get really sick in the future so we really need Banyan NOW? 2. God is just proving a point when you ask you shall receive?? I hope it's #2, because I am not excited to see if Banyan can live up to his task anytime soon!

Anyway I wanted to share & let everyone know we are so thankful for all the emails, LIKES on Facebook. I'll share the page again for you all . If you want to follow along on Facebook go here: Jeremy & Banyan "Our Journey"  . Fill free to like our page & you will get more up to date information. We do have our PO BOX listed there if you want to send words of encouragement to Jeremy & Banyan. We are truly blessed & we know it- thank you to everyone & to God.

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