Saturday, November 5, 2011

A New Journey Begins

This is Banyan a 6 month old Golden Retriever who Jeremy, Sam my friend, & I traveled three hours to Oregon to meet. We went to start the process of finding Jeremy a Service Dog that would give him the safety my husband  and I wanted while giving him the Independence he deserves as a growing young man.

We where referred by a friend to the Oregon Assistance Dogs  organization & immediately liked the warm friendly responses to my constant emails late one Friday night. Heather one of the trainers didn't have to answer me back as quickly as she did since it was a weekend but she did. She also continued to email me several times after the initial email to answer all my questions. We sat up today as the day to go to Oregon to see if we would all be a good match since a Service Dog commitment is quite extensive for any family let alone a child.

We arrived & where immediately allowed to sit in on two classes. Both where for the younger pups- 1 year or less. I learned a ton of very useful information I wish I had known for my two dogs we already own. Jeremy was allowed to meet Banyan the pup in the picture right away, but not allowed to talk, move, giggle, during class. I really didn't think we had a chance of lasting for three hours with that going on- but Jeremy did great! About two hours in we went for a lunch & bathroom break then he came back to sit for the last hour. Afterwards Jeremy & Banyan where rewarded with lots of love & play time while I did the interview process.

Play time while I sat on the floor talking with Paul & Heather- Jeremy plus banyan where in heaven.
After we all left to drive home I was so glad Sam had come along. We discussed everything we both talked about with the two trainers. We talked about possible scenarios as they had two dogs in mind for Jeremy- Banyan or his Sister Belinda. Not only did we discuss what we thought the best dog would be for Jeremy and our whole family but money is an issue as well. We are not paying as much as we thought we would so that is very generous of the organization who is totally non-profit. All money goes back into training the dogs & their health costs. But a deposit was required tonight which I made- so Christmas shopping is done for the rest of the month-LOL But Paul & I feel strongly that this Service Dog needs to happen for Jeremy so we are willing to make concessions to make it work. Anyway I am super excited to head back to Oregon next Saturday to attend more training , sign final paper work, figure out the final money situation - please pray on that- & get this new chapter in Jeremy's life started.

I promise to check in with more details after our next Puppy Kindergarten class on Saturday- Stay Tuned!

 One of the cutest things ever was after school on friday Jacob my nine year old came home very excited! He opens his back pack to pull out two books he checked out from the school library. One on Golden retrievers & one on Service Dogs. I am so happy he is interested in everything in hopes it is a smooth transition for us all.

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