Sunday, November 6, 2011

We Got HIM!!!

I could not sleep in today even though we had the extra hour. It was nice to get up make my coffee & enjoy the silence. I decided to check my email first & I am so glad I did. I received an email around 11PM on Saturday night saying that  Heather & Paul the two trainers we are working with to get a Service Dog where giving Banyan to Jeremy. Not only where we getting him we would get him next Saturday if I wanted to have him neutered by Monday. Of course we said yes please go ahead & get him ready to come to his new home ASAP. I could hardly wait to tell Jeremy, but no way was I waking him or the other boys up at 6:30AM on a Sunday morning. I of course posted it on Facebook & waited patiently for Paul to get on-line & the boys to wake up.

Finally about an hour later both happened at the same time! I wish I had the camera for when I told Jeremy the  news- he was so excited! He really hasn't stopped bouncing all day! Now the task of Fundraising begins because of the enormous financial costs of Banyan's training we will need to ask for help. We have several friends who are helping us turn in grants in hopes some of the cost is covered. We will be doing good old fashioned fundraising on Veterans day we hope. We will see if Starbuck's in Dupont will let us set up a both to collect donations for baked goods. There was also talk of Smooches for Pooches-LOL We have set up a facebook page so anyone can follow along the journey of Banyan & Jeremy even you just go here : Our Journey. 
You can follow along as we pick Banyan up,go to trainings,introduce him to our other two fur babies,& raise funds for one boy to have a life long companion who could one day save his life.

I am sure there will be hiccups along the way as well as tears mixed with laughter. But we are so excited for Jeremy & our family to start this new journey while sharing it with the world.

Enjoy seeing Jeremy play with Banyan after waiting 3 hours in class very patiently.

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