Friday, November 25, 2011

Shopped Until I Dropped

Yes folks I am one of the crazy people who get's her favorite girls together & head out into the madness that is "Black Friday" almost every year. This year was no exception except for all the stores decided to take some of the fun I thought out of it by starting at mid-night. I only had one very specific item that I was afraid I would loose out on if I didn't trek out at mid-night. So even though I was puking because my body had a minor reaction to all the really rich food I consumed after months of clean eating- I grabbed a friend to head out to Gamestop. We waited about forty minutes in the drizzle then where in & out of the store with our purchases in thirty minutes! I got home and managed about three hours of sleep then up & out the door for some more shopping! 

The BEST thing ever was when we arrived at Kohls our favorite store to start with on Black Friday we got a super close parking spot! Then when we got inside we realized there was NO LINE!! NONE at ALL!! We asked & found out it was super crazy packed from mid-night until 4Am then it was quiet! It was just like any other shopping day of the week except we where still getting fabulous deals!! We bought so much fun things & saved HUGE!! We continued on to several other stores with the same outcome. HUGE savings with NO LINES!!  I was so happy, relaxed & pleased with our haul! After we finished all on our lists we hit up Red Robin for some much needed food. Our waiter was so sweet & fun. We had a fun time eating & re-charging. We hit up one last store before heading home. Man was I wiped out! But I got home to find the older boys had put up the Christmas tree for  me so we could decorate like we always do every year. I took about an hour off before helping them decorate.
Now we are all laying in pj's watching our favorite Christmas movie Elf- it cracks me up every time! We have watched it so many times I have lost count- but it is hilarious! Now I am ready to sleep & hopefully sleep well. Tomorrow we will try for some outdoor decorating & more fun family time. Have a great weekend everyone!

This was at lunch & my eyes are beginning to drop- but we still had fun!

Let the Christmas Cheer begin!!


rkjalernpan said...

Sounds like a good time!

I'll Love You Forever said...

You are brave! I love Kohls! haha, I barely handled the hour I spent shopping at walmart. Cute pictures!