Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbits

I woke up today at the same time my body just can't adjust to this time change. Plus all the stress going on in the house has everyone a little on edge. I did work in an hour of "me" time at Pilates for the first time ever this morning. Let me tell you it is not as easy as you think. I barely got off the mat to roll it up after it was over. My friend worked my hips,abs, & glutes like they hadn' t been worked in years. It hurt but was good all at the same time. That was the last of the quiet for my day, so I was glad I got it it done.

From there I went to the post office to get Jeremy & Banyan their own PO BOX that anyone who wants can mail letters of encouragement, donations of any kind to so my home address isn't floating around all over the place. We have had such an overwhelming outpouring of love & support I am at times in tears. It is taking a lot of my time but it is so worth all the leg work ,emails, & phone calls. The boys are feeling the stress with one minor breakdown at dinner. We had to have a quick attitude adjustment over the " why does he get a dog we have two & I want this attitude". I wasn't mad I understand that everything is all about Jeremy at the moment & that has to be hard for the other three boys to understand. So after some discussion on the importance of Banyan in Jeremy's future we seem to be back on track with a more supportive attitude.

I spent the afternoon rearranging the younger boys rooms . I went threw toys tossed old & broken ones. vacuumed, made beds, sorted everything I could. Why you may ask? Well Banyan's Kennel has to fit in Jeremy's room by his bed- so I had to clean it :0(  Then I scrubbed the donated kennel down with Bleach & water outside in the cold. My hands where numb by the time I was done. Then it was quite comical to the neighbors as I wrestled this huge heavy wire kennel into the house & down the hall into Jeremy' s room. But I DID IT!! Glad that is done, one more thing checked off my to-do list before Saturday arrives.

Next on the To Do list is scrubbing any open surface in my house before Monday. Why again you may ask? Because our local newspaper Nisqually News has picked up Jeremy & Banyan's story.They called today & asked to come over Monday after school to interview me as well as take a couple of pictures of Jeremy with Banyan. So my house now needs to sparkle in case they need to go into see where Banyan will be sleeping. So I am being a busy beaver cleaning mad women the rest of the week. Veteran's Day is Friday so the kids will be home- so it may be a losing battle with the kids at keeping the house clean, but I have to try.

We are so happy that everyone is being so generous with the economy stinking the way it does. But just having a lot of our friends go get the coupon for the puppy's food off their website yesterday will be a big help. Saving $5 for each bag of puppy food is HUGE right now. So thank you to all our friends who have let me know a coupon is on it's way!

Wrapped up my day chatting with an old friend on the phone who reminded me to bring the van over so her husband can look under the hood BEFORE all the roundtrips to Oregon begin. So I promised I would come if it was on a day she was off work so we could have coffee while her hubby took a peek at the van. Thank goodness they have always been so helpful when Paul is deployed with car maintenance . I don't know where I would be with out their generosity.They have worked on all our cars multiple times & only ask we pay for the parts- such a blessing to our family.

Now here is the picture for the day of "All things Banyan". It is of Jeremy showing his dad via facebook where the kennel will go in his room. Once you see the picture you will see why I said my neighbors got a good laugh today at my expense. Have a good night everyone!

Sorry I forgot to post the address for my non-facebook friends -thanks for the reminder  :0)

Jeremy & Banyan H
PO BOX 1164 Yelm, WA

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Lisa C said...

The room looks great!! Now you need a big ol' cup of coffee and a comfy chair!

We are thankful God is providing everything needed for the new member of the family! Yay !!