Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Means No Fun Day

We had an amazing weekend getting to bring home our new pup & playing with him whenever we wanted. We also got in some good training on his first field trip to church. He did an amazing job sitting with either me or Jeremy for a long period of time with only minor corrections. I admit I was nervous but-YAY- he did AMAZING!! 

Banyan sitting at Jeremy's feet for an hour of Church. I know I should have been listening to the sermon & I did after I snapped a picture for documentation.

Now it's Monday and we have a few errands to get accomplished. I am anxious to see how me working out goes with Banyan ? Hopefully I can get him to lay down & wait while I get my sweat on! If not then he will be kenneled for awhile until I finish. Monday is NO FUN Day  as I have to then finish cleaning the house. We have an interview with the local newspaper right after school this afternoon.  I did get the carpets steamed clean so they look better. Hopefully they stay nice looking until my parents arrive next week. But mostly until at least the reporter leaves later today. Can't have him think we live in a crazy pig sty house-haha  Even though my friends know other wise.

Anyway not to much fun going to be happening this Monday but I am thankful for a slow day while the kids are at school. I know Jeremy will miss Banyan but I will enjoy a little much needed quiet time. Check back  in tomorrow to see what happens during the interview later today. Please keep your fingers crossed that the dogs & children all behave.