Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Comforters, Boots,Coffee, & More

I loved getting out of the house today with a good friend once the boys where all safely in school. We have a hard time connecting our schedules due to school, life, & medical mumbo-jumbo- so today was GREAT! First on our list was head to Sears to see if they still had the comforter I had seen in a flyer on sale. They DID!! Jeremy got a new comforter that is super soft & thick to help keep him warm. He has no body fat & gets cold very easily. It was a much needed purchase. While heading to the cash register we where glancing at the new winter boots when we both noticed a pair we loved. It has that fleecy fur on the inside & a super soft sole. It was marked one price on the tag but the sign above said $19.99?? I asked the sales clerk & the sign should not have been there. We where bummed UNTIL she said but since it's our fault we will honor the sales price-YIPPIE!!! We both got a pair of new boots in brown & my friend also got black! Then it was off to Costco.

Once at Costco we perused the books & both picked up a couple for gifts-her's for a birthday mine for Christmas. Then we decided it was time to hit up Cutter's Point to warm up with coffee & girl talk. We had a good time talking, discussing issues that only we could relate too. There was much needed laughter, a few moments with teary eyes, but over all a much needed break from our daily reality for over two hours.
It was soon time for me to take her home & head to pick up the boys from school. But before I left we took the time to make a tentative date for two weeks from now. We will let the boys all play & maybe we can sneak off for coffee again. I've said it before & I'll say it again, there are just some friends who are more like family then your own family- she is one of them. I am so glad we where able to meet up today & enjoy some down time. Now off to stir the pot of chilli on the stove & relax with the kids for the rest of my day.

Tomorrow or Friday I will let you in on the totally INSANE  run my friend has somehow talked me into training for,uggg I have really lost my marbles this time!

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