Monday, November 28, 2011

Until Next Year

I always enjoy it when my parents visit for Thanksgiving but not near as much as my children. It will be hard on my boys to say goodbye later tonight after dinner as I take my parents to the hotel in Seattle close to the airport. They have an early Tuesday morning flight so they are opting for a good night's sleep. I can't say I blame them. With Paul deployed I hear every little thing around the house. Sleep is hard to come by & when your mom get's up three hours earlier then you have to be up- well let's just say tonight I hope I sleep like a baby as well.

We've all had fun doing Christmas shopping,movies, decorating the house,& eating out together. Yesterday after church we saw Mr. & Mrs.Claus while at Applebee's. It was the second time we had encountered the couple in four years. They where just "vacationing" as they told the boys. On December 1st they had to head home to get ready for the Christmas Eve. Jeremy & Jacob where in Awe over the couple who drove a mini-van with a license plate that said North Pole, Alaska- Loved their smiles. My dad & I also drove all over my neighborhood as they explore the option of purchasing a lot by the lake here in WA. That way they can come stay for a longer period of time with out being so packed into my small house. Because right now after a week we are all sleep deprived & getting a little cranky. I hope it works out so the boys can enjoy seeing their grandparents more often. It's hard when you have moved so much & never lived by family. I feel like our children have been lucky that my parents always take the time to visit as often as possible, but they have missed that connection of having extended family close.

As we say goodbye for another year or at least until this summer we will have smiles & happy memories. I will also get my house back & some much needed sleep I hope. The holidays are fun but man do they make you wish you could take a vacation after they over!

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They definitely have spent more time with their Grandparents than mine have. I gave up years ago - we now just count on our extended "family" of close friends.
Its great that you can have the extra help and support.
Merry Christmas!