Friday, November 18, 2011

Nisqually Valley News

Banyan & Jeremy made our local paper. They came out to interview us last Monday & the story ran on Thursday in the Nisqually Valley Newspaper in town. Here is the article : Training Dog  We are not sure why I didn't think to turn the TV off behind Jeremy when the reporter was snapping pictures?? So there is a crazy TV commercial on in the back ground- but it' s still a good article on our mission to raise funds for Banyan's training. 

Today a friend & I took our two dogs to Camp Murray to meet with a local Wounded Warrior that has a lot of Dog Trainers that are nationally certified to help us work locally with the two dogs. We chatted & learned about each of our trainers he specifically picked for our dogs based on their ages/personalities.  I am excited to meet our local trainer & get more help to make sure I am doing this all right. It is a bit overwhelming at times with all the commands/rules. Banyan as sweet as he is can not be a "normal" pet in our home. Once again today I was told the reasoning behind a lot of the rules that we are using in our home with Banyan. Right now as I type he is tethered to Jeremy for the second time today. This is for two reasons, one is so Banyan learns that Jeremy is HIS person- not me. Even though I do a most all the training, Banyan has to realize he is for Jeremy & Jeremy only. SO they are bonding now for at least one hour a day with the tethering. Since it's a Friday night we are watching movies I thought why not one more time- so they are laying in the floor together. Second  is so Jeremy can learn to control Banyan as well as I do. It will take time but hopefully at the end of all this training is a boy who has a loyal ,loving well trained Service Dog.

After a couple hours my friend & I headed out for a field trip to Banyan's first ever restaurant . We stopped at Red Robin with James & Banyan in tow. They both did great not shaking at all during the meal. But instead laying under our table until we stood up ready to go. I was so nervous in the beginning but soon realized we have been given a great pup. He will accomplish great things as long as we are consistent with his everyday training over the next twenty-three months. For now we are watching Air Bud a s Jeremy is enthralled with all things Golden Retriever- what is hysterical as Banayn is actually watching it with him! Every time one of those dogs comes on TV he get's super excited- so cute! Hope everyone has a great relaxing weekend- I sure plan to try.

Under the table with James at Red Robin for lunch

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Unknown said...

What a neat thing to be training Banyan to be with Jeremy. I'm so glad you are posting the process and the progress. Thanks for sharing!