Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Surprised, how did I forget about this?

I came home today to a small Fed-EX package sitting on my porch & really though nothing of it after sitting it on the counter. Went about letting the dogs outside & putting some things into the laundry. Went back grabbed up the stack of mail & opened the package first. Imagine my surprise when a letter From Sears Heroes at Home fell out of the package along with a CD from Josh Gracin. I had forgotten that back in May I had entered our family in their contest for Josh to write a new song based on the experiences of a military family. Well we didn't win but I guess we placed in the top ten! I got a Cd & will be receiving his new Signed Single on CD when he records it to release! As well as a Thank You to our family for their continued support of America with our service. 

I think it's pretty cool to even be considered out of all the enteries they received. I have always thought that my soldier has served our country well beyond what he has ever been required by the Army. But to have someone else acknowledge it is pretty wonderful! I am excited for the family from Clarksville that won the grand prize & can't wait to hear the new single based on their story. I am sure with the recent deployment it will be a tear jerk-er & new favorite.

 Here is a little Josh Gracin for those of you who aren't country fans- I have always liked him since he was on IDOL. So this is pretty cool to get in the top ten!

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Anonymous said...

I love Josh Gracin. I got hooked while he was on idol.