Monday, July 18, 2011

I Survived

I was so excited to see all the delicious healthy choices of food I had to pick from at the FRG potluck on Saturday evening. We had several veggies platters,a delicious chopped veggie salad in a light olive oil,& an amazing light coleslaw that was to die for when you took a bite! It was super easy to stick to my healthy eating plan thank goodness! I ate a hamburger & my sides where several of the veggie items- YUM! I was full & it tasted good. A few of the other wives where also back on the healthy eating  kick since their husband left, so I was super happy! I did walk over to the dessert table that held these amazing looking brownies with coconut on top. They looked like a huge Almond Joy brownie- YUMMMMMM.... but I passed! I did however have one small chocolate chip cookie just because you can't leave a potluck with out one bite of dessert! I am pretty sure it is a rule!

I had done a great Cardio session on Saturday morning like I had planned. I was well prepared for any types of food I might encounter that afternoon. My work out consisted of fifty-minutes of cardio. I did 5.08 miles on the elliptical, rowing machine with twisting for my lats for 8 minutes, then finished up on the treadmill climbing hills. I was sweating buckets again! It felt great not to quit after thirty minutes when I really wanted to stop. I pushed past it & after a few more minutes I was fine- YAY ME!

Sunday's luncheon went pretty good as well. I ended up ordering the Turkey bacon Club. But I asked for them to leave off the bacon & go light on the mayo. I also ordered the fresh fruit cup instead of the sweet potato fries. I did sneak about three delicious sweet potato fries off my friends plate- they melted in my mouth! I was glad to try them but not have them on my plate because I would have gobbled them down for sure! I then only ate half of my Turkey Club because it was huge! It was like two portions instead of one. I even took off some of the bread to save myself. I ate most of my fruit & all of my salad. Then I asked for a to go box- the best thing ever invented for a restaurant. Boxed up the other half to eat for dinner later that night. I never made it to work out as planned. I was tired as well as my leg muscles where still recovering & in revolt. I had to crouch down for a picture & my quads immediately started shaking in protest as I held on for dear life to the table so I wouldn't topple over! I knew right then Sunday would be a recovery day for my muscles. I had done five work outs last week all very hard- so a day of recovery was in order. If I can continue to knock out five workouts a week I will definitely see the progress I want in way of all over toning.

My Monday is off to a rough start as I went to bed early but laid there forever  before I feel asleep. Just  one of those nights when I was lonely &  missing my husband laying beside me,uggg I didn't cry but I hugged his pillow- which I still haven't washed his pillow case trying to smell him. For you civilians that may seem gross, but to me it was comforting. I still could barely smell that musky scent of his. I guess by the end of week three it'll be gone & need to be washed  :0(  I woke up to no cream for my coffee so it is a two cup of coffee morning due to lack of sleep- but I can only stand one cup due to no creamer. I have some things to load into the back of the van to take to the dump. Then I am meeting a dear friend for one more lunch to discuss where we can meet in Portland as we are both going to see Kenny Chesney in 6 DAYS!!!! WHOOO-HOOOO. Then I plan on hitting the gym for an afternoon work out instead of my usual morning routine. Hopefully my legs will be ready to cooperate since I gave them the day off yesterday. I hope you all have a great start to your week- I am off to work around the house.


AiringMyLaundry said...

This reminded me I really ought to start working out more.

Madeline @ Food, Fitness, Family said...

Before my husband left for deployment I had him sleep in a couple different t-shirts for a few nights. They smelled like him for months and I will happily admit that I slept with one every night! I think I finally broke down around month 6 and washed them. LOL

Great job on your work-outs ... I post a lot of my cardio routines to my blog if you ever need something new!