Tuesday, July 19, 2011

5 Days & Counting

In case you all don't know it in FIVE DAYS I'll happily be driving with my good friend Bekah for a day & night in Portland, OR to watch Mr. Kenny Chesney.....ahhhh  He is my second choice for a husband if I had to pick one-lol No worries Paul knows about my obsession with the man himself. We even went together before deployment number 3 to see Kenny with Sugarland- it ROCKED!! One of the BEST concerts I had been to in years. It just further cemented my love of the Country Star. I just wanted to throw is out there that I can't wait! Bekah & I bought tickets in the Pre-sale just like last time. We will be having a blast in just FIVE short Days & I Can't Wait!!

This is Sam, Bekah, & Me at our last Kenny Concert- what a Great night! This time Sam can't make the concert with us  :0( But Bekah & I will sing along nice & loud for her maybe enjoy a Corona or two....YAY!!

The beer company that sponsors the object of my obsession.

To say I can't wait is an Understatement,so freaking excited! I will post a little video for you incase you don't listen to kenny (gasp!) Not sure why anyone wouldn't but let me help you just incase.

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Anonymous said...

HOW FUN!!! I'm seeing Toby Keith and Eric Church on August 13th and am SUPER excited.. Have fun, you deserve it!!