Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thank You for Serving

My second post for today is a short small Thank You to my soldier husband . He has served in the small 1% all volunteer Army for Twenty - One years today. I can never say enough about how proud I am of his selfless service to our country & fellow Americans. He takes his job very seriously and works hard sometime 365 days a year to insure the safety of the United States. This is reflected in his numerous awards and honors he has received over his Army career.  I won't list them here as it would embarrass him. But I can proudly say he has a stellar record that impresses many who he works along side.
I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge his special day. I want you to now my love that I never forget each day what your job means to this family & our nation. I love you & am honored to have stood beside you almost eighteen years of your Military career. Stay safe & come home soon. The boys & I love you more then words can say.

   My Hero

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Unknown said...

Wow!!! 21 years??? Congrats to your hubby!