Sunday, July 10, 2011

How Much I'd Forgotten

As I am laying around trying this new thing called relaxation while the husband is gone as well as the kiddos, I had forgotten a few things about the "single" life.

1. Sleep is AMAZING!!!! I can barely remember the last time I could go to bed WHENEVER I wanted because I could wake up WHENEVER I wanted!! Even the dogs have figured out I am NOT going to get up before 6:30AM anymore to let them out- LOVE IT! Thanks to new allergy medication & pure exhaustion the last two night I have crashed hard & slept through the night!!

2. What do I want to eat & when? Anything my heart desires is what I can choose!! No chicken nuggets, no hot dogs, no macaroni, no peanut butter & jelly- NO KID FOOD!! It's so GREAT!! Plus I can eat whenever I feel like it not right on the clock that the boy's seem to have set for meals.

3. Read a good book WITH OUT interruptions! I started a new book & never had to stop reading to stop fighting over toys or TV. Do not have to help with anything! It's so great! I forgot what it was like to actually get through a whole book in three or four hours! Not Three or four days or even weeks!

4. POOL TIME ALONE!! As I went with a good friend to lay out in the sunshine yesterday to soak up some vitamin D I realized as I was laying out watching the kids swim they are not my responsibility at all! I would have jumped into to help if they ever needed it but I didn't have to! No watching the pool 24/7 to make sure the boys don't drown eachother. Instead I reapplied sunscreen several times ,laid around, & chatted with my friend- AMAZING!! I did get a little pink in spots where I must have missed with the sunscreen but its already gone & I so didn't care!

5. Dishes in the sink- there aren't ANY!! When I do decide to eat something I wash the one fork, spoon, or plate immediately . It is then put away & therefore my sink is shiny & clean!

6. Laundry time- NOPE!! There is hardly any dirty laundry & what little there is is mine! No arguing with the boys to pick up their clothes off their floors & not wait until they run out of clean underwear to tell me! Love not having to wash two loads a day & fold- how I'd forgotten the relaxation that comes from just not doing laundry all the time.

7. Messy rooms- nope no yelling about picking up their rooms.! I just shut my teenagers doors & walked away! Normally I would be in there with gloves, trash bags, & lysol but not this time! They are old enough to deal with that pig sty themselves! I will strip the beds at some point so they have clean sheets when they come home but that's it! They will be shocked to realize mommy went on a "mini" strike while they where away & they now are forced to clean it themselves upon their return!

These are just a few things I have loved rediscovering while I have the house to myself. I am finally getting into the swing of this whole relaxation thing. It may be rather hard to let it go in a couple of weeks. But at least I'll be recharged for the rest of the deployment & that is really what this all about. I tend to forget tot take time for myself when Paul is deployed so this is some much needed time for just me. Do I feel guilty- not even a little! All four boys have been calling & checking in with me. They are having a BLAST doing all kinds of fun things with their ommie & pawpaw. So I am relishing this mommy time A LOT!

 Just a little snapshot of how I spent my Saturday-ahhhh My legs are the white pale legs. Us red-heads tend not to tan very much- but oh-how I love laying in the hot sun!


Unknown said...

Oh man that sounds amazing!!! I would love to have that kind of time. Congrats to you! You better enjoy it for the rest of us!

One question...what book did you read?? I'm crazy about books and always have to ask. I even look at the title when I see some stranger reading while I'm out and about. ;-)

Amanda said...

Maranda I started two new books at the same time! The first is Home and Away : A story of a family in a time of War. by David & Nancy French

The next is one a friends daughter told me to read- it's actually a teenage series & is cracking me up! Called Marked by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast. It's about Teen vampires & a super easy read. So she told me I had to read at least one of them in the series before I could make fun of her ;0)