Friday, July 1, 2011

Did someone say July already??

I can hardly believe it's July already! Where did the time go? It seems just like yesterday Paul was coming home to say he had deployment orders again & I blinked now it's almost time to say goodbye. I ran around like crazy yesterday getting things done with Jeremy & Hunter. We got the ALL CLEAR on Jeremy- he finally has NO more air bubbles around his heart or in his neck! He laid super still for his EKG & ultra sound of his heart after I explained there would be no trip to Ommie's if he didn't pass all the doctor's test. He PASSED!! Plus he thought it was so cool to see his heart beating & inside his tummy!

 We did Hunter's last Orthodontist appointment until August as well. He had broken some bands & needed them adjusted. I was a little frustrated with him when the dentist told him for the third time he wasn't brushing good enough! If we pay the thousand's of dollars for his teeth to get straightened & he ruins them with stains- I will not be held responsible if I physically smack his butt!! I don't care that he is now 3 inches taller then me & out weighs me! I am still mom & in charge!! Hopefully when I explained he would be paying for the teeth bleaching if it happens- that helped. But who knows?? He is after all a teenage boy!

I forgot to mention that on the way to Post we had a baby brown bear run across the road in front of us. Yes folks I said bear cub! I swerved to keep from hitting him/her & ran off the side of the paved road into a huge pothole. I heard the car go thunk! We kept driving although my steering wheel was now shaking. I knew something was off & thought it had knocked the alignment out. We went down the road before pulling over to check the tires- they looked fine. But driving around afterwards I knew something wasn't going well with the car so off I go to get it checked out. Those huge flipping potholes had broke the rim on my brand new tires! So we had the tires refitted, rim replaced & paid up, grrrr. That money cut into my July vacation money- so I was really not happy with that bear cub!

When we finally got home I had a huge headache & was exhausted. One would think I would just fall into bed at night to pass out. NOPE my body & brain won't shut off everything that I need to accomplish this weekend. Even after Paul came to bed an hour after me & I listened to him snore away, I was wide awake until after 1:30AM. Hello insomnia my old friend it's NOT good to see you again. You just left me about twelve months ago! It is so NOT FAIR that you have come back so soon! It took me a good two months after Paul returned from Iraq last May to get use to sleeping with him again & his new snoring. Now that I am use to that awful noise, he is leaving- WHAT?? NOT FAIR!! Hopefully I crash at some point this weekend so I am not cranky with the family . The boys fly out on Tuesday to Tennessee for a month to spend some fun time with my parents. At least if I don't get some sleep by then I'll crash & have no responsibility until I fly there at the end of the month to meet up with them.

I have to say how amazing my parents are! Last summer they took all four boys for a month when we thought Paul would still be deployed. He came home early to take a new job but my kids still flew to TN to stay with their grandparents. For the first time in 15 years Paul & I where alone for a WHOLE MONTH! He had to work but we enjoyed every minute of it on the weekends & the evenings.Once again as soon as my parents heard Paul was leaving this summer they jumped up & offered to take all four boys again for three weeks so I could just relax after he leaves. I can't tell you how wonderful it'll be to get all the kinks out by myself with out the kids those first few weeks. I will relax, rejuvenate, & plan for the next year ahead. By the time I meet them in TN for a week at the end of July I will be ready to smile & enjoy the time I have with them alone during this deployment. God is amazing that he knew Paul would leave again so soon & blessed us with that precious alone time last July. Now he has provided once again the precious time I as a mom will need to prepare for the upcoming months with out my partner at home . I thank God every day for blessing me with such wonderful parents & I know my children are blessed as well.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday weekend. Stay safe & remember to hug the ones you love because they may not be around tomorrow. I am off & will check back in later next week when my world will most likely feel like it has collapsed once again - but I will not complain to much as I am Blessed.

My greatest Gift's from God, my family.

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