Thursday, July 28, 2011

Enjoying the Past,Present, & Future

I finally arrive in Tennessee after a long day of travel on Tuesday. I have been going non-stop catching up with my boys, my parents, my brother, & my best friend from college. It has been a lot of fun packed into two long days so far. I love waking up to 80 degrees & sunshine so much! I was at the pool on the first day by 10AM!! That would never happen in WA! My brother & his wife arrived for dinner on Wednesday evening along with an old college friend. We all enjoyed catching up & then Paula spent the night. We had an old fashioned slumber party with pictures we pulled out from almost 15 years ago.It is nice to just fall back into conversation with a good friend like no time had past when it had actually been almost four years. We laughed & giggled like we where back in college- staying up until 2AM! Then we crashed woke up & started all over again today. We went shopping, ate an amazing lunch,oh & I took her to get her first tattoo! YES- I said Tattoo! It looks great and was so much fun!

One of my favorite people in the world 

The kids have also been having fun & enjoying their time with my parents. They stay super busy all day every day! Their favorite thing so far was the White Water rafting they took them on one day.

Here are all my boys with my parents who are in their late sixties in Gatlinburg on a river! My parents are AMAZING! The boys & are so blessed by having them in our life.

I didn't forget about linking up with Amber today over at Goodnight Moon, just running a little behind. While in Southern Drawn Tattoo shop with Paula they had a great classic 80's & 90's radio station on playing heavy metal classics. We heard a lot we loved, but an oldie came on & I started singing along while Paula got her ink. Go link up with amber from Goodnight Moon to share your favorite song of the week I did!

Loving me some old Motley Crue reminding me of my High school days which makes sense as I head to my Reunion this weekend.


 Have a great weekend everyone & I'll check back in with more from my Tennessee adventures as soon as I can. I have my reunion this weekend & the Hard Rock Cafe on Monday with my older boys- GOOD TIMES!

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Goodnight moon said...

I bet you're having so much fun with all your family! How great!!! Isn't summer so fun!

LoveLoveLove your song pick this week!!!!! This is my kind of music;)