Friday, July 8, 2011

Ummmm, that's all Folks

Since the boys & the husband left earlier in the week not a lot has been going on around my house. I tried to clean the very first morning but ran out of Lysol after only getting the entry way floor & the Kitchen floor scrubbed. I kept meaning to stop & pick up more Lysol but didn't get around to it until last night. I did make my it to my hair appointment I had set up a few weeks ago to keep me distracted. Love my new hair cut & color, but was bummed to not have the husband home to tell me he loved it too :0/  I have been watching the mini-series The Kennedy's on netflix non-stop. It is pretty good & if it is as factual s they say I learned a couple new things. You are never to old to learn! I have made it to the gym once & took a walk around our lake once. Made it over to a friends house for pizza & good conversation last night & that's about all folks! I have never had this much free time that I can recall since I graduated from college? I am sure grateful to my parents for taking the boys, but I sure hope I think of something else to  occupy my time over the weekend or I may literally go insane!

I am actually excited about the doctor's appointment I have this afternoon for my allergies! Now I know I need help! Anyway off to finish the mini-series, maybe read a new book I have two now to read. Wish it was at least sunny so I could go to the pool & soak in some vitamin D. I'll let you know if anything exciting does happen, but don't hold your breath.- Oh- wait- I did go to clean out the boys bull frog aquarium & somehow managed to let the baby frog escape- EKKK. So I have a baby frog trapped somewhere in my little guys bedroom, which is NOT a good thing! But that's all the excitement for now. Have a great weekend everyone!

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