Saturday, July 16, 2011

Danger Ahead.....

I am heading into a weekend filled with activities that will be fun but are centered around FOOD lots of FOOD! I am heading into the gym this morning to get in a really good work out to start my day before I go to my first FRG Potluck since Paul left. Nothing says "Get your grub ON!!" like putting a room full of amazing homemade food in a small room with a bunch of Army Wives whose husband's just deployed! Yep- it has disaster written ALL OVER IT! I did buy something healthy to take so I at least have that option besides all the food that is sure t0 be high in sugar & calories. I am taking a few preventive measures to insure sucess.

1. I am working out this morning to get my metabolism jump started & help me not feel to guilty if I have one treat. Never deprive yourself if you must have something. Just remember MODERATION so you don't blow all your hard work!

2. I will be eating a small high fiber meal about an hour before I go. Why eat before you go to an event that is serving food? The fiber will fill your stomach up & last longer then even a lean protein. At least for me I have found this to be true. It also helps you to not be starving by the time the food is served. You are less likely to "graze" or over eat.

3. Taking my own big bottle of water. A lot of times at Potlucks they provide drinks but they are sodas that contain a lot of sugar. They may have a diet soda but it will just go right through you with no benefits. By drinking the water I am helping keep that "full" feeling & getting in my daily 8 glasses a day I am shooting for everyday.

4. I will NOT be standing around the food table chatting. Once I have gotten my food I will go find a seat far away as I can. Since I hate getting up & going back to the food table this will help me a lot. But If I stand close to chat with ladies I risk the chance of "grazing" while I chat.

So that is on today's agenda but I still have Sunday to make it through as well. I have a fun Farewell Luncheon to attend. It is fun in the sense that it's at a great location on a patio outside & the sun is suppose to finally be shining. It will be sad & I will cry when I have to talk to say goodbye to a great friend. Now this menu is set as I had a hand in the planning. Thankfully we chose five items our guests can pick from tomorrow. I asked that two of those items be a vegan meal or a fish item. The guest of Honor went ahead of time did some taste testing & picked her favorite. So I do have two items on the menu I can pick from tomorrow. Thank Goodness! But I do love a good glass of wine on a sunny day with my lunch. That will be my down fall I am sure. Wine in moderation is ok, but is still high in calories & sugar. I will have to make sure to find time to hit the gym at some point tomorrow evening as well so I can enjoy my lunch with friends with out any guilt.

I know a lot of you are thinking I don't understand the guilt part?? I have really made getting healthy again a priority but don't want it to mean I can't enjoy my friends & family. In order for that to happen I will have to maintain a good work regiment or I always feel bad for eating anything I know should be "off limits" if I haven't had a good exercise week. I work out because it gives me energy that I desperatly need keeping up with four boys alone. But I also work out so when I want I can indulge in a favorite food or drink from time to time I know it isn't going to go straight to my hips! But that is just me, not everyone shares my views & that is OK. You have to do what works for you when you are living a healthy lifestyle. I don't call it dieting because it's not. If I want a cookie or a slice of pizza I will eat it for sure. But I will also use moderation & a good work out to balance it all out!

Now wish me luck that I can stick to my plan & make it through the next two days having some fun! I am off to the gym to get my work out going for the day. It just starts my days off right when I exercise first thing. Have a GREAT weekend & I'll check back in Sunday night to report on how I did......


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