Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lazy days....

Well Saturday has come & gone with me not accomplishing much. The children & dogs thought I needed to be up at 7:00AM this morning, WHY I ask you?? I made the coffee & proceeded to down at a fast rate 3 large cups . I finally felt awake as I starred at my computer screen. I played on Facebook & my Blog for an hour when the children then decided they need to eat breakfast. Luckily I had bought the "special" bread to make really good french toast. I was able to pull myself away from my laptop to cook breakfast & refill my coffee mug.I sat back down for my computer time as the kids where very happy eating & watching cartoons.I have to say I haven't had this lazy of a morning in a long time- mind you it's only 8:30AM by now. 
My plans to hit the gym went out the window as I kept finding wonderful  Military Blogs to read & follow. Paul woke up & I handed off the laptop since his crashed. It's a good thing he needed mine or I would have never left my chair today- I am positive. I managed to vacuum and load the dishwasher while he had the computer. When he went out to get his camper on his truck I snatched the computer back for my fix!
Plopped back down in my chair while the kids played & BEHAVED- so rare! I played for awhile then got ready to watch the NFL Playoff games with Paul. We enjoyed a amazing Seahawks game even though it wasn't my BEARS I rooted for them. Paul thinks because we have lived in WA now for almost 10 years, we must root for the Seahawks if "our" teams aren't playing that day. Whatever....I went along just so he would stop with the negative BEAR comments.
After the game we headed to pick up Matthew child #2 from a friends house. It was nice riding in the van with Paul chatting & joking all in our sweats! Neither of us got out of our sweatshirts & me in my yoga pants. We rarely have free time like this together in my van, so it was a  lot of fun. After picking up Matthew we returned home to watch one more football game & play on the computer some more.
I would have to sum up this Saturday as one of THE LAZIEST days I have had in a very ,very, long time! I think I have almost forgotten how to just relax & be still in my home. So today was very nice for me & I look forward to repeating it again soon.

"You can't teach people to be lazy--either they have it, or they don't." ~ Dagwood Bumstead
I like this Quote, I don't think I have "it", but I sure am interested in trying!

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Totally the opposite of my day for sure! We tiredly trudged around from hockey rink to hockey rink . . . home only twice for 45 minutes each time. It is now 9pm and we are getting in our "quality" time with the little chickens. We sure did enjoy Jay's Saturday off together, even if we were exhausted and spent it watching hockey (way better than spending it watching football though, sorry)