Saturday, January 22, 2011

Football Cake

My youngest son challenged me on Thursday night to help him make a Football Gameday Cake for Sunday. We found a cake design we liked on the computer & set out to get all the supplies. My second oldest drew us a football pattern we could use for the cake & we started the project. This morning I got up early & made two cakes. One for the base & one for the football.We made the football portion chocolate & the base is yellow cake with a chocolate swirl. The youngest watched as I iced the base & then the football piece. He sprinkled on the green sprinkles to make it look more "realistic" he said. I let him help do the writing & the laces on the football. It was a fun afternoon project I really enjoyed doing with him. I haven't had the time lately to do as many projects with my younger two boys. I really have to stop & take the time like I did with the older kids. They are all growing up way to fast.

With his cake, he is so proud & did a great job! He is only 8 years old.

       GO BEARS beat the Packers!!

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