Friday, January 14, 2011

It's I better get moving!!

Normally I am a big FAN of things that lead to Friday & the weekend!!! But this weekend is going to be jam-packed with activities. I am hosting two separate parties at our house-HAHA When I planned the first a Tastefully Simple party months ago I had no idea my Chicago Bears would be in a Playoff game on the same weekend??? So EXCITED That they are going to crush those Yucky Seahawks !!

Anyway , today I have to finish cleaning as best I can. I also have to get Jeremy to his regular OT appointment that is over an hour away. Make all the yummy treats that will be served on Saturday night at the first party. Run by Post to hit up the Class Six so we can save a little money in the beverage department. I also want to make a Bailey's Irish Creme coffee cake I saw, sounded yummy!! But that will be for the Sunday Football game as we are doing Brunch foods.So I am speculating here, going out on a limb to say that I won't be around to post until late Sunday night or even Monday. I will want to update you with how AWESOME the playoff game went! I love pictures so I am sure I'll have some to post.

I hope everyone has a safe & amazing weekend- I'll leave you with a few parting pictures incase you where confused about who to CHEER for on Sunday during the game. I just want to be helpful to those who may wonder who I HOPE wins!!

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