Monday, January 17, 2011

The Crazies where out tonight....

Had a good day with the family at home until it was time to take the husband to post for his trip to Japan. We got there & I got him dropped off. Headed back towards home & decided I should hit Safeway to grab a couple things while I had no children with me. It is always so nice to grocery shop alone & pretty rare for me.When I got to Safeway the parking lot was packed & my normal spot was taken. Yes I have a normal place up close I usually can park.I had to drive towards the middle & park about 15 cars down. I ran in did my shopping & headed back out. As I loaded the van nothing unusual going on around me. I close the van & head across the way to return the cart. I always feel guilty if I leave it by the van. It was dark by now & sprinkling. When I turned around I noticed a heavy set man in his mid-twenties starring & walking towards me. He had a black hoodie on with shorts. The hood was pulled up over his head & some sort of paper was in his hand. I got that tingly weird feeling my mom always said not to ignore.
 I picked up my pace a little , jumped into my van & locked the doors just as he made it to my van. He knocked nicely at first and asked me to roll my window down. I shook my head & said NO! He then yelled " I just need to use your cell !". Well I hadn't been talking on my cell so how did he know I even had one? I said No again & started to try & back out of my spot. He hit the window & I kept going then he hit the roof of my van. Pretty sure I hit his foot a little with the tire- but I was not rolling down my window!

I am now thankful for once that I wasn't chatting or texting on my phone which I often do on the way out of Safeway.I am so grateful that I was paying attention to that tingly feeling I got- I mean he just didn't look right. I will be buying some pepper spray soon to carry around as well now.
At home now with the kids enjoying some TV . I threw a bottle of my wine in the refrigerator for after they go to bed, I think I need a glass to calm the nerves & maybe watch a girly movie since Paul is gone .I think New Moon or Eclipse may be in order after this crazy evening of mine!Hopefully that is it for my crazy things that happen while Paul is away list. Never fails - As soon as he leaves, something weird happens!

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Laura said...

Oh my goodness! That would have terrified me! That made my stomach do flips just reading it!! be careful!!

**Found you on BlogFrog!**