Friday, January 7, 2011

It's in the news...

Trying to stay positive about heading into another deployment, but I do have my moments.I keep reminding myself that Paul says it's a different type of mission then he has ever done before. Gone are the days of Front Lines & Infantry, now we are only office work. So with this in mind I am learning to retrain my brain to think positive thoughts about this upcoming deployment.Here is a link that was published today that gives some definition of Paul's new unit & their mission while in Afghanistan.

I Corps to Afghanistan

Hopefully with a little help from my friends & a lot of help from God I can navigate my way through the upcoming months.

I had to come back after posting to add the "funny moment" of the day. I was talking with Paul about his upcoming trip to Japan this month & he made me laugh out loud when he mentioned in a cute little cartooning voice " I am one of the Lucky ones! I get to do the Japan trip & the Deployment- because I am so Special!!". You may ask why this is funny- well go back & read my blog on our background . Seems Paul & I have been the "lucky ones" several times already when it comes to deployments. So now we have to laugh when ever anyone tries to tell us that Paul is "Special" that is why he gets to go on trips again & again. He is Special alright, I just wish maybe he could be Special from home a little more often.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to feel the same way about my husband's upcoming deployment. He doesn't leave until early 2012, but "never" would be better. :) Apparently, it's supposed to be a lot safer, now, which is most important. The duration of the absence is hard, but what makes it almost unbearable is the worry. It'll be nice to do without the same level of worry I had when he was in Iraq the first time.

Amanda said...

Kristen I feel the same way. If he NEVER deployed again I would be OK! Trying to make my self realize the safety factor is much different then the last 3 deployments is going to be difficult. My husband is 11B or Infantry, this will be our first deployment that he hasn't been on the front lines of everything. It sure doesn't help when I ask him to please just stay on the FOB & not get any ideas about "exploring" outside of the FOB.
He replied with a typical Infantry man reply " But babe, I've never been to Afghanistan . I really want to go take a look around. I'll be careful & fine.".
REALLY????? I wanted to smack him!! LOL- but it's his job & I try to get it, but it sure doesn't make it any easier. Good luck on your up coming adventure, let me know how you are doing.