Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just say NO!!

Tonight I went to my very first FRG meeting with my husband's new unit since he changed his job.Before I left I logged into my Facebook & posted the following status as a joke: I am heading to Post to go to my First FRG meeting with Paul's new unit- wish me luck & maybe my friends can TEXT me every 10 mins with the phrase : Just Say NO!! So I leave with only information & not as a New volunteer-LOL

I am a huge TYPE A personality & I think an undiagnosed ADD lady. At least that is what all my friends think who know me well.I think for me I did really well considering my habit of volunteering for everything to stay busy while my husband is away. Like four children doesn't keep me busy enough??

As I drove to post which takes 45 mins my phone starting beeping . Each new text had something that made me laugh out loud as each sender was a well intentioned friend. I got everything from STOP- Turn the car around NOW! Then one that simply said NO!!!!!!!!! with a little frowny face icon. I went on to the meeting and was not surprised to learn that it was a new FRG starting from the ground up. This seems to follow me from unit to unit.The FRG leader was very friendly & was seeking volunteers for every poistion as they where all open. 
As the meeting progressed my phone contiued to vibrate about every 7 or 8 minutes with more- LEAVE NOW, Make Excuses, No Habla English-my favorite by far. So thank you to all my well meaning friends who know I have the bad habit of over extending myself. I appreciate the effort a lot.

The Meeting starts:

They ask for ideas on Future events, I raised my hand gave a past idea we had used.
They asked for ideas on Fundraising, I raised my hand & pitched the big money makers before a deployment.
They  asked for ideas on how to do a pre-deployment brief that wouldn't induce a coma on our families. I raised my hand & pitched the idea 4th Brigade used before our last deployment.

At the end of the evening I chatted with a few green suitors & introduced my self. They all knew Paul, which was nice. I chatted with my FRG leader & signed her paper to help with ideas but not necessarily being the one in charge of the project. I also told her if she found out my husband's section was less then 20 soldiers/families I would help do the POC. I know you are all groaning as you read this now. But for me 20 families is a piece of cake that I can do in my sleep with my eyes closed. She said she would find out & get back to me ASAP.
All in all it was a nice meeting with a handful of people there as most new FRG meetings always are in the beginning. The people I meet seem eager to learn & get the FRG off & running before the deployment which is nice. I DID NOT leave holding any type of significant position in the FRG chain for the first time in almost 12 years- YAY ME!!! That was HUGE for me as there where several time I just wanted to say, "I'll do it". Mostly because I could tell they needed the help & I already knew the system. but I DIDN'T!!!

So there you have it my good behavior at the first FRG meeting. I appreciate all the well meaning texts from friends & family alike (my own husband sent a text). I took them each to heart & did the best I could given my personality. I won't promise to stay completely away, but I promise to scale way back & try to relax this time around. To let someone else deal with all the unpaid hours that are the FRG (Family Readiness Group).It is a great resource for our families & I am truely grateful for the time I have been involved. But it is time to step back & let the next group step up. 

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Lisa C said...

Yay....Know Thy Self...It works.

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