Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Insomnia strikes again

I was really thinking that when Paul left for his trip to Japan I would collapse from exhaustion & sleep. NOPE - hasn't happened at all.Instead I find myself watching movies until past ten at night until I am so tired I fall quickly asleep. Only to wake up at three then again at four, then finally I get up a little after five in the morning. I drink about four cups of coffee now to get moving & am exhausted the rest of the day.
 With this only being a short trip I am not sure why I can't sleep. This is not normal for me at all. Usually I sleep just fine when they are small training exercises so what the heck is going on with me?? Anyway I hope I get over it in the next day or two so I can relax & rest. Today I have my monthly lunch with two of my good friends. We pick our day for the next month everytime we do lunch. Since all our husbands are home currently from the last deployment it gives us time to catch up with eachother's lives. Especially since we don't see eachother like we did when they where gone. Anyway, I hope I don't fall asleep during lunch today or I'll never hear the end of it from them. It's always good to surround your self with loud, crazy,insane friends to help keep you up & moving!


Unknown said...

Ambien is the only thing that saves me when I get in a rut. Its not good long term, but taking it for a few days or weeks isn't too bad. It will make you sleep well for sure!

Amanda said...

Keri I grabbed some Tylenol PM so I wouldn't have to do the Doctor- so hopefully it helps because this is crazy. I've hit exhaustion point....uggg