Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dinner night with Friends

I am super excited to have a good friend bringing her kids & coming over for dinner tonight. My husband is still in Japan & her husband has a late shift on post. We use to get together at least once a week while the guys where deployed for dinner & wine night. The kids would play & the grown ups would enjoy the much needed adult conversation. I am looking forward to that again tonight. 
I put my last bottle of my absolute favorite wine from Oregon in the refrigerator to share. I have been saving it for months now. I think this is a good night to uncork & enjoy a glass. We found it three years ago on a girls get away to the Oregon Coast. You have to either make the trip to Oregon or order it so I was saving my bottle for a special night with the girls. I decided tonight is a great night to enjoy. The sun is shining here in WA & it's 64 degrees in late January!! AMAZING!!!
If your a wine lover then go look up Seamist Cranberry/Blueberry or Cranberry/Raspberry- they are both great!!! Now I am off to get started on the chicken & open my wine- good night world.

Seamist Winery, Oregon 


Me said...

Have you tried anything from the Hoodsport Winery? MMMMM: ) My favorite is their Raspberry wine, but you can't go wrong with their blackberry or their Marionberry either: ) They they too are local!

Amanda said...

I have tried their Raspberry wine it is ok- but not as good to me as the Cranberry/Raspberry of Seamist. I also noticed that Seamist has a Cranberry/blackberry mix that I think I will order in my next shipment.
The Marionberry sounds intriguing so I will have to keep an eye out for that- thanks for the suggestion.