Monday, January 31, 2011

Just another Manic Monday

I woke up at my usual time of o'thirty dark outside to enjoy my coffee & check email. I was keeping my fingers crossed for an email from my husband with word of when his flight would be in from Japan this week. No such luck, this trip is hard as he has had little time for emails or phone calls. I knew to expect it as we discussed it before he left but it never makes it easy.
I got the older boys up & moving for their morning. They where a little grumpy as usual for a Monday. Seems like it is just so much harder to get moving these days after our weekends. Even though we had a nice quiet weekend at home. After they got out the door to the bus I fixed my bagel & another cup of coffee . The younger two woke up cheerful so I was hopeful for a good morning, yeah that was a pipe dream. The youngest started complaining that his throat hurt & had a little cough. I made them a big breakfast & gave the youngest some cough  medicine. Well that was THE WRONG thing to do apparently. He refused to swallow it quickly & made himself gag- yep he puked all over the bedroom floor. Ugggg, I hate puke! It made him cry as he tells me "I told you it was gross mom!". After getting him all cleaned up & into the car I was almost home free- notice I said ALMOST. The dog escaped out the garage & into the neighbors yard. Seriously, Panzer normally runs a victory lap then returns with no problem. I guess he decided today was the day to relish his new found freedom as well as try & eat the neighbor . I finally got him back into the house & the kids dropped off at school.
 We are now in the middle of Jeremy's writing lesson which thankfully he is doing with out any complaints. I must admit I have bribed him with a field trip on Wednesday to the Children's Museum if he does all his work today & tomorrow. I really don't care that it isn't a great idea to use this reward method for having him do his work. I am tired & ready for the end of the week when hopefully my second set of hands will get home from Japan.I can't believe it's not even lunch time yet in WA, can this day please be over yet?

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