Sunday, January 9, 2011

Super Sunday

It is just now noon in Washington & I have been going non-stop since about 7:30AM. A huge difference from my Slacker Saturday that is for sure! I think all that laying around yesterday caught up with me & I had to get moving. I was able to strip the sheets on my bed,empty the dishwasher, clean out the refrigerator , scrub it , & make a crock pot full of chili by 10:30AM! I was on fire! Now I am heading into town to return movies & do a little grocery shopping. Paul got out the door for his week long fishing trip. I love the man but after laying on my couch for over a week on leave I was happy to kiss him goodbye.Maybe I'll be a little more motivated to get the rest of the house put back in order while he is away.When you are not use to your spouse being at home 24/7 then all the sudden he is, it takes a little getting use to having them around.
We would normally be out the door to church but my oldest is coughing so hard his head hurts. Jeremy slept until 10ish which is unusual. I hated to wake him up as he must have needed the sleep. We drive around 45mins to church one way so after 9AM I knew today wasn't going to happen. So that led to the above cleaning & now relaxing the rest of the day. I hope everyone else has a very blessed Sunday & accomplishes anything you want! I am off to town- I say this because we live about 15 minutes outside of town. So it is a drive out of the country to get to the store. Off I go....

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