Monday, January 10, 2011

It's OK

Well since I kissed Paul goodbye for his week long fishing trip yesterday I have had to answer the question repeatedly " How are you OK with him going on a guy's fishing trip for 6 days of his leave? I would NEVER let my husband do that on his leave!". I listen then I answer with a very honest answer that make some agree he should go & others just shaking their heads stating again" No WAY my husband would get to go!".

1. Paul has worked at times for 13 months w/out a vacation day or seeing his family thus resulting in him having over 112 days of leave (vacation time).

2. I don't know ANY civilians who have that many vacation days stored up who volunteer to work instead of having a day off. I  mean really some times they take a couple days off every month . Not Paul- not ever!

3.He had a half day schedule during the Holidays & he had all last week off to spend at home with the family.

4. He deserves a nice relaxing time & to him being freezing cold in the river somewhere is relaxing.

5. He will come home from this trip as a better husband, father, & soldier because he had time to "disconnect" for a few days from our reality.

6. We don't tell eachother we are doing something no questions asked. After 17 years together we ask, discuss, & compromise in our marriage. It works for us!

I know Paul is leaving in a couple weeks for a Japan trip & then on to Afghanistan in the summer. I also know that he gives me opportunities to have girl time or alone time. So why would I not want to do the same for him, when he asks if it would work out for our family for him to take a trip? He comes back relaxed & ready to face whatever comes our way. That makes for a great home life & that is all I want. For our time we do have as a family together to be filled with love & laughter.

 Any veteran Army wife knows as well- sometimes you are ready to kiss them goodbye for a few days. Not that you don't love them, but you have become very independent while they are away . Having them home 24/7 is a bit strange & can really mess with your daily routine.It gives us time to get back to our reality.

Love you babe & I hope you bring home a lot of fresh fish to fill our freezer  XOXO

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses. - Ann Landers


Betsy Eves @JavaCupcake said...

You're a strong woman, Amanda.

Thanks for this reminder that our husbands need a break too.

<3 Betsy

Anonymous said...

This is true, about being ready for them to go away for a little while. I love love love my husband oodles and oodles, but I don't mind that he goes to FTXs here, Blackhawk training there... We like getting the opportunity to miss one another, now and then. (Obviously, deployments are "missing" on crack and I don't look forward to that, but the shorter periods are fine.)