Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Crazy Wednesday...

Up at 5:45AM because I was afraid I'd oversleep & get up to late to make the drive to Madigan  on time for Jeremy's three procedures. I did however leave with Jeremy in plenty of time to get a great parking spot which is rare. With the crazy wind and rain going on I was very grateful. Also when Jeremy decided he would not be wheeled out of recovery in a wheel chair, that mom had to carry him like usual- yep thank goodness for a close spot. Well as close as you can get after having barriers up in front of the hospital. Thank goodness Jeremy still only weighs 57 pounds. It is really his long skinny legs that make it hard to carry him. I can lift him fine, but he has to wrap his long legs around me & after being doped up on drugs for over 3 hours- it was quite the challenge for him.

All the doctors where great today thank goodness. As well as the recovery room nurse who was new- but reminded me of my mom. We where in & out of recovery in record time seeing as Jeremy woke up screaming bloody murder! Pretty sure all the newbies where like PLEASE let him leave ASAP!! The staff was on holiday hours & schedule so we missed some of our regular nurses. Our plastics doctor feels this is the last time we need to do a Laser treatment for another year. Jeremy was so excited to hear he won't have to come in every 3 to 4 months for the first time since he turned 1 year old.They are pretty sure his Port Wine stain is as light as it will ever be in their opinion. Now it is just maintenance to make sure nothing changes in the future. His eye pressure check in his right eye with the Glaucoma is good as well. Now we just need to wait on the MRI to be read & keep our fingers crossed nothing new shows up.

Banyan didn't go to the hospital this time due to not being fully healthy himself with an ear infection as well as not being registered on post yet. He did meet us tail wagging at the door. He wasn't sure whether to stay with Jeremy after checking him over & licking his IV site.Since I am doing the majority of the training he is also very attached to mom right now. So we tethered him to Jeremy & I could tell he understood. he laid right down next to Jeremy . They eventually fell asleep for the afternoon. Jeremy is up and moving now like nothing ever happened. I am thankful that it was an uneventful and no repeats of air bubbles in his neck  this time.

Now we are all in pj's relaxing & listening to the wind storm outside. The rain is pouring down and I am exhausted. Ready to sleep well tonight & wake up can dream can't they. I haven't slept well since the deployment started but maybe tonight's the night!

Drinking some chocolate milk & watching cartoons

**EDIT**  Dr. Bolt called & Jeremy's MRI is ALL GOOD!! No new anything!! YIPPIE, now if we can just make it through all these up coming hormonal changes......uggg

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Lisa C said...

Yay for nothing new in the eyes, MRI or anywhere else!! Great pic!