Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Parade

Today was our town's annual Christmas in the Park & Parade. The younger two boys decided to brave the 29 degree temperatures with me & head to the parade this morning. We took Banyan with us and I was nervous all the noise from the band,horses,dune buggy's & children would be to much. He did pretty well considering all the distractions. He had a moment when the High School band came by with the drums where he had to be right up against my legs. But I ruffed his neck up & told him in a fun voice it was OK. There was a little yippy terrier about four people down who he would occasionally look at  like he wanted to eat him but he did very well not trying to even go over to that crazy dog. When the Human Society marched by with about twenty-five dogs of all shapes & sizes he sat up to pay attention. But he never once pulled & tried to go greet them- AWESOME!  When the dune buggy's revved their engines he came right back to sit by me-lol I don't blame they where loud & obnoxious.We froze but had a great time catching all the candy that was thrown the boys way. They left with two very full plastic bags . Banyan was more then ready to leave after the parade. He jumped right into the van & sat down. But over all he did so good & I was one proud mom!

Next we headed to our church to decorate the Christmas tree with some of our ornaments that where collecting dust in my garage. The boys had fun & Banyan took a nap most of the time, just happy I'm sure for the quiet after the parade. The boys did a good job on the tree & we headed off home finally. It was a fun morning & everyone was tired. Not a peep out of the back of the van as we listened to Christmas music all the way home. It was a good field trip to watch Banyan's reactions to the loud chaos- to know we can take him almost anywhere so far is a great relief. Now he is alseep in his kennel relaxing for the night. Have a great weekend everyone!

Enjoying some hot chocolate as we wait for the parade to start

Jacob wanted Banyan to wear the hat, Banyan wanted to eat the hat!

Merry Christmas Everyone

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Lisa C said...

Brrrrrrrr 29 degrees...what a mom!!! Banyan is gorgeous and the boys too cute. Next year maybe we'll come with you to the parade!!

Merry Christmas~