Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Christmas Eve Afghanistan

My sweet soldier just popped up on my Facebook chat to let me know it was Christmas Eve already in his part of the world. Breaks my heart he is so far away with nothing special planned for the evening but more work. Remember to say a prayer for all those who are still serving around the globe so we might enjoy our Christmas safely in our homes. Also prayers for the families who stay at home & wait.


Cassie said...

My husband is also deployed for the holidays. It sucks.. I spoke to my husband this morning and he didn't even mention the holidays :(...
Here's something that is going around on Facebook. Hope you like it if you haven't seen it.
Twas the night before Christmas
And there all alone ...
I saw a young woman
Who sat by the phone
For what was she waiting
On this holiday night
Where were the stockings Christmas tree, lights? I saw one little tear
As it rolled down her face
And she curled up in a blanket
Then looked round the place
Something was missing
Someone not here
In her face I saw sadness
Did I also see fear?
I paused and I wondered
What could it be?
That would cause a young woman
To look so lonely
How could anyone so precious
Choose such a life?
Then I realized this woman
Was a soldiers wife.
Her gift for this Christmas
Is to hear that phone ring
“Hey baby, I miss you Don’t worry about a thing” Each day I thank God for the soldiers that serve Ever willing to fight and lay down his life
But how often do I ever remember think
About the young woman who is that soldier’s wife
Thank you God for these women
They are just as strong
They sacrifice daily
And without help get along
So God please protect our soldiers
On this holiday eve so late
And give an extra hug
To their wives who wait

I'll Love You Forever said...

I am sorry that he will not be home for Christmas. Praying for them all!