Friday, December 23, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Songs

When I was very young we had a tradition of going Christmas Caroling around my grandmother's town in Mayfield, KY. All the grandkids would huddle together and sometimes sing clearly for all to hear and other times just goof off earning reprimand from all the adults. The adults loved to go singing after dinner at my grandmother's whether it was raining, snowing or just freezing cold. The cousins started giving eachother those little handwarmers to keep in our pockets every Christmas Eve so our hands didn't go numb! My dad has the most beautiful voice and has for years led singing at church. He was in charge of picking the songs & leading the way on our caroling adventures. Thanks to that I have some favorite songs that when I hear them each year I get flooded with great memories of all of us cousins tromping along behind the grownups singing loud for all to hear! 
Yes folks Buddy the Elf is right! "The best way to spread Christmas cheer IS singing loud for all to hear!". Here are a few of those favorite Christmas songs. How I wish my own boys had this special memory as well. There was nothing like knowing your presence at someone's home who can't get out very well put a smile on their face & made their Christmas special.

These are the good ole classics I know, but when I think of Christmas this is what I think of hearing playing from my radio. I have a few that I love now that where not in the caroling rotation. How I miss those days long ago when everything seemed so easy & simple. If someone had told me my future and how every other Christmas I would spend alone with my boys hundreds of miles away from my family I never would have believed them. But here the boys & I sit for one more Christmas alone with out my husband or any immediate family. I will put on our Christmas music on Christmas Eve as we open our gifts from extended family & I'll remember the great memories of the Christmas's of the past. I will pray that my husband enjoys his gifts we picked out with care & mailed. I will pray for all my family to remember that each day they have is precious & what a gift it is to get to spend with your loved ones. That it's a gift that I can't explain , but if your a military family how precious every day is needs no explanation. I hope everyone has a great Christmas weekend - stay safe & remember some families have empty chairs around their tables this year.

Merry Christmas from Afghanistan- we had our Skype Christmas time last night since the internet tends to get overwhelmed on Christmas Eve & day.

My last favorite that makes me cry anytime I hear it during the year.

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DarrahC said...

Ok, so i cried as i read this. I too hope that everyone sees how precious these moments are with their family. It's so hard to not have your husband gone, especially with little ones that really don't understand why dad can't be home. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Merry Christmas!!!