Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lots of Gingerbread

My rather amazing best friend Sam decided to invite everyone in the neighborhood it seemed over to her house to decorate homemade gingerbread houses. She makes the houses from scratch every year & this year I think there was about 16 houses made waiting in her kitchen for little kids.

Here they all are lined up waiting for children to be creative

The teens sat at a seprate table because they could not sit with little kids, geezzz

Of course I had to decorate one of the extra houses because it is just to fun to pass up! I also ate way to much candy, I can't believe I don't have a stomach ache yet.

This was almost done- the other side I added a skittles Christmas tree .

Look at all those fabulous gingerbread houses! It was so much fun eating candy & hanging out with the kids. Bekah was a little worried so she had to have a sip or two...

It was a good time for everyone & in the end all the houses look great!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week leading up to Christmas as much as we are so far!

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