Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Lights That Can Be Seen

We had a lot of fun last night heading to see Fantasy Christmas Lights at Spanaway park. It's a huge golf course they decorate with thousands of  Christmas Lights. You turn on your parking lights to drive through with Christmas music playing on their radio station. We have never gone before so the kids where all super excited! Jeremy went in his pj's & they all grabbed their snacks to take in the van. As we started all the boys where ewwwing & ahhhing to all the twinkling lights. Every turn down a road led to a new display. We then got into the discussion after seeing a polar bear fishing that we missed their dad & how he would love all the lights. I remembered I could record a short video from my camera so that is exactly what we did. We knew with him being in Afghanistan the chances of hearing Christmas music or seeing any lights was slim. This is the first deployment I had not mailed a small tree to him with ornaments so we where all a bit sad. We discussed how cool it would be for my husband to be able to hear the music & see some of the twinkling lights. I never imagined how cool it would be to hear the conversation going on during the video as well. The boys forgot we where recording it all & I got some great conversation for my husband as well.

Just try to remember for those of you who have your soldier home there are still thousands deployed this year. As happy as we all are your soldier made it back to you please continue to pray for those still waiting at home. I know two of my boys this week have broken down in tears. I am so happy we got to get out of the house last night & experience some Christmas Joy. Have a great weekend everyone!

At the end of the drive Matthew jumped out which was against the rules in order for me to snap a quick picture. All the while a lady from way far away is yelling " get back in your van & keep moving!". Well there where no cars in front or behind us folks & I wanted a picture! HAHA- Matthew & I laughed all the way home about " breaking the law"...another fun memory deposited in the memory banks of my children.

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