Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Nice List...Are You on It

We are on Santa's Nice list or at list on mom's clip art list-haha  But my little guys did receive a letter straight from the North Pole today! Jeremy was so excited as Jacob read it a loud for him. It said how proud Santa was of all the help the two boys had been for mom & dad. That if they just finished cleaning up their rooms they would have a great Christmas Morning!! Better believe Jeremy hustled into his room to clean! Heck I should have a letter a month sent starting in January to this kid. Super pleased that he thinks he is on the good list. We finished making about 4 dozen cookie cut outs today to decorate tomorrow. Santa will have some yummy gingerbread & cream cheese cookies to taste on Christmas Eve. I just wish the big guy who loves to eat them all up was around to do it instead of Mrs. Claus this year. Pretty sure she has sampled so many cookies & treats at this point she is sugared out! Happy Tuesday everyone only 5 days left!

It's Official!!

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tonibrenning said...

so cute!!! he looks so happy about his letter!! what an awesome way to get them to clean!! LOL