Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tune Time Thursday

No I haven't forgotten about linking with Amber over at Goodnight Moon  life just got very busy the past couple of weeks. BUT today I woke up & about FROZE my booty off taking kids to school & running errands. That's when I figured out my song! It's perfect for this time of year & I love it! The original is my favorite but I love it when it pops up in Christmas movies this time of year as well. Seeing as today's high in WA is only 35 degrees, clear, & COLD- I went with "Baby it's Cold Outside" . Love it in Elf when we watch it sung with Will Ferrral as well- just a good tune! But here is Doris Day & Dean Martin my all time favorite singers of this classic. Stay Warm everyone & go link up with Amber today.

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trooppetrie said...

i love this song. I am new to your blog and love the poem in the sidebar