Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tragedy Strikes in Training Accident

We often times never remember once our soldiers arrive home into the comfort of our arms that they are still in harms way each day as the train for the next mission. I woke up to the horrible news that the unthinkable had happened right in our own back yard. We lost four helicopter pilots in a training accident on Joint Base Lewis McChord last night. It was brought even closer home when a friend private messaged me that it was her husband's unit, that he is a mechanic for one of the birds. The devastation , second guessing has begun. Praying for all the families & friends of those lost seems to be one of many options at the moment. Reassurance to a young Army family that their soldier could have never predicated this outcome. That God has a plan & thankfully it did not include taking her spouse home to heaven as well. Seems he was only home not at work because he worked night last week.

To many times I forget that my husband is always training when he is home. I can count on one hand the amount of soldiers we have lost due to training accidents . It is rare & I am asking that you all remember to pray daily for all our men & women in uniform. They may not be on a deployment but they are still in a dangerous job daily. Pray for these four families whose Christmas will never be the same again. I am posting a link to the article you can read. As well as a link for a call for help. One of the Widows just finalized her adoption of a special needs son & is now finding herself a single parent. If you have it in your heart to make any amount of a donation please follow the links listed in the article.

 This is not an easy life we live as military spouses but God has seen fit to bless me with this sometimes unimaginable burden. I will do my part &  I hope you all will pass  along  the information as well to help.

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