Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Finally We Have A Date (s)

It happened about a day before Christmas, my soldier was holding the ever coveted R&R Leave Papers. They where FINALLY all signed & approved!! Now I have to sit back and patiently wait to see IF the Army will get my soldier to his family on said date (s)  My guy & me always say " the paper says this day so plan for this time frame."- because it's always hurry up and wait when it comes to getting them home for R&R. But man oh man can the Army get them back to their FOB's in about 24 hours when R&R is over. I won't be posting the dates here but I'll let you know when I finally get that amazing hug & kiss in the airport. I just had to share the good news that I finally have something to look forward too that is closer then Homecoming. YAY- ME!!

 Now I am off to get Jeremy to bed. He has his annual MRI & then Laser surgery tomorrow. No food in the morning on those days before the procedures sure make for one grumpy kid. Wish us luck as this will be the first time Banyan has been around Jeremy when he is hurting & not feeling well. I'll check back in when I can to let you know how it all goes. Banyan did go to see his first movie with us today. We saw "We Bought a Zoo"- super cute movie worth going to see if you have time. Banyan did great & got a lot of cookies afterwards. Have a great night everyone- I'll be checking in later this week.

Banyan watching the movie- he loved it!

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Lisa C said...

Praying all goes well for Jeremy today!