Monday, December 12, 2011

Fudge, Cookies, & more Fudge

There just hasn't been much going on around our home which makes me happy. I threw my lower back out last week & went into see the doctor on Friday. They gave me muscle relaxers & strong mortin for daytime. I mean after all folks I am the only driver in the house for another year so I can't be drugged up during the day. They said they thought I had to much stress going on right now. I literally laughed out loud like a snort! I was thinking umm, one deployed husband, four boys 2 of which or teenagers, three dogs, two that are teaching our very pricey service puppy bad habits, going to Puppy classes twice a week - yeah I see no stress do you all? But I am not complaining because up until this point I have been blessed with good health. My back pain was so bad I was in tears though so I need the pain medication. I can't currently sit in one position for too long or bend over. Which makes it helpful to have two rather tall strong boys to help with groceries etc.

I did take Banyan with me to the doctor's office even though technically he needs to be registered on post & I haven't done that yet. He did AWESOME! All the soldiers loved him- he waited patiently for me to tell him they could pet him. He was not to sure about the doctor making me do things that made me suck in my breath & wince. He wasn't a fan of that at all neither was I. But he did great! We then went to see the Trees for Troops people & got a free 6ft live tree to take to our friends. They had not gotten their tree yet & their dad is deployed as well. They had no idea about the free trees & where very surprised when Banyan showed up to make the delivery. It was fun since I had pain pills by then!

Since yesterday was too cold to be outside after church I made mint fudge, sugar cookies, white chocolate walnut fudge, & chocolate dipped pretzel sticks. They where all for the boys teachers at school. The little guys delivered them today so the teachers could enjoy them all week. That really has been all we've done lately. I hope to have more entertaining stories soon- but I am OK with nothing to much going on for the moment. Have a great week everyone!

Making Christmas Tree delivery.

At the doctor's office with mom

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❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Banyan is such a cutie!! If only all trees were delivered by a cute dog :)