Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yep It's My Happy Dance

If you been following along on this crazy roller coaster ride for the past 10 months & 2 weeks - I bet you can figure out why I am Happy Dancing around my house tonight!

I got the STOP sending mail email today from our Rear D & the "this is how Homecoming will go"  newsletter!! We are so close I can almost taste it to having my husband home after deployment number four. We have only told the boys a time frame that dad may arrive. Seeing as I've been there done that a few times I know that exact dates are  not a good thing to hand out. But oh how I am relishing the fact that we are almost DONE!!

Done skyping, done mailing care packages, done chatting on Facebook, done, done , DONE!! YIPPIE!! Now to make it through these last few little weeks by keeping busy. I think I can manage to find things to do that I didn't quite get around to finishing....lol
I hope all you still going through your deployments know the end does come eventually. I wish only good things as you travel on down the deployment road- you are never far from my thoughts. Now to start making hair appointments & planning the outfit....thank goodness.


The Flight Crew said...

YAY! Congrats this is such awesome news!!

Anonymous said...

AHH YAY!!!!!