Thursday, May 3, 2012


I have not stopped working out & getting ready for my races that are coming up soon. The first is the Seattle Color Run on Mother's Day with my youngest Jacob. We are both really excited to be doing our first 5K together. We are being joined by some good friends with their children as well. It will be a fabulous day!

My biggest race is on June 16th when six fabulous ladies & I run the PNW Spartan Sprint together. With that in mind I have been training non-stop when I have a free moment. We do all kinds of crazy training some involves monkey bars which I still can't master. Climbing a rope, running sprints up hills with 50llbs sacks on our backs. All my walks now have me wearing a 25llbs weighted vest. I therefore spend a lot of time on pinterest in the evenings after the kids go to bed. I find I need extra motivation in quotes or pictures. Therefore I pin them to my boards. Here are few new favorites to share. I hope all you have been training are enjoying keeping up your fitness goals as much as me. If you don't enjoy it then something's wrong. We girls find ourselves laughing at eachother quite often. It is  much easier to relax & enjoy the process then to hate every moment. You'll see great change happen when it becomes a habit you look forward to doing every day.

See what I mean, we do silly things while we train! These where the start of hanging sit-ups.

I get tired every day I train- But I love it!

These are just a few that I read for help when I am exhausted. Your body can do so much more then we think! Never Give Up!!

Check out this great Facebook page for more inspiration through words & recipes.

Biggest Motivator so far this week- if he can accomplish his goals then why not ME!

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