Monday, May 7, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

One thing I can get behind is Teacher Appreciation week. Not only because I use to teach full time myself but because HELLO they are the one's who are helping shape our children five days a week! If you get a bad nut for a teacher the scars they can leave on your kids is just painful to my heart. When the boys are blessed as we have been the past few years with great teachers who care- you see amazing results. You see your children blossom & come to life! They are excited to go to school, excited to do school projects, & excited to tell me all about their days. For this I am so grateful that I attempted to make a cute little gift for the younger boys teachers. It looked super simple but alas wasn't. But now I know exactly what to do should I ever decide to make them again or for anyone. Don't forget to say Thank You to your kids teacher's this week- they deserve it everyday!

I now know I could use a coffee can or soup can to have a lower height- but over all it's the thought that counts.

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