Thursday, May 10, 2012

Battling Through

Exhaustion has set in big time today. I woke up full of energy excited to head to the park area to hoist my new log with Ashley until I tried to warm up. Oh- man I could totally tell it was day four of hard work outs with no rest day. My legs where screaming & I just felt fatigued so fast. I had so much going on this week that it has thrown off my training so that I have no rest until Saturday- bummer. I mutt-led through my workout but it hurt! At one point my right leg wobbled so bad coming around a curve I almost ate pavement. That's when I stopped to walk to the next circuit. I have hit my wall and been training non-stop since late January. With my first easy run on Sunday I need to keep going. The hardest isn't until June & I fear I may have no motivation left. 

I was excited that we had a new face join us at our workout- Katie came with her two kids. She has her first ever mud run on Saturday! She is about to loose her sparkle & become a mud girl! She did great but I felt bad I wasn't much help today. Here is a picture of her with Ashley doing wall sits on the pool fence.

Katie did a GREAT job today working out! I wish her the best of luck in Oregon as she tackles her first race. Now here is the picture of us with our logs.


 We were super excited! Did you catch the were part-lol I was so exhausted after hauling that 40+ pound log around the hills it was no joke. But I hope all this hard work & training pays off come June. That whatever obstacle they throw our way looks easy because we prepped so well. I even got almost to the end of the monkey bars today! That is HUGE for me,those silly things have been a thorn in my side.

I will keep plugging away & I hope to find a way to get over my wall . Sunday is a fun 5k run with my youngest Jacob in Seattle. Maybe just putting an easy fun run at the beginning will do the trick. I saw this quote on another great bloggers post & it is so true.

"Enjoy your sweat because hard work doesn't guarantee success, but without it you don't have a chance."
-Alex Rodriguez

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