Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Drop & Plank Challenge

Late last night all us Spartan Chicks where issued a challenge to Drop & Plank every hour on the hour for 1 to 3 minutes. Why, because we are super chicks & because the winner get's a free Spartan Race entry!! Yes I was on board with that!! Rolled out of bed & started at the lake.

Then my living room floor with Jacob

Next came the ironing board- yes folks I had to UP my game- these ladies where getting hard-core with their planks!

After seeing some of the fabulous Planks taking place all over the USA all for a free Spartan Race I knew to win this was going to be almost as hard as winning the race itself!

By 10AM I was in town so I picked Starbucks right in front of everyone. Including two police men who weren't sure whether to keep drinking their coffee or make me get off the wall.

This cracked me up as my friend counted to 60 & we hurried off I CORPS lawn. This is right in front of the building my husband would normally be working inside.

Next I moved on to the Joint Base Lewis McChord water park for a make-up plank I owed. Yes folks I got a little wet & laughed at by some moms at the park.

 What made my day was when I picked up the two boys from school & they asked where are you planking next? I had no more cool ideas....but Jeremy did! Oh the blasted monkey bars, it seemed only appropriate since I complain about them everyday.
Now I'm at home working on dinner & randomly dropping to plank in my kitchen floor. But I wanted you to be able to see how motivated these women are across the country. 
 Spartan Chicks ROCK!! 

I liked all the pictures so I have no idea who will win ? But everyone did great who tried!

My last plank of the day was at the lake since I started my day there as well.


JessicaInSeattle said...

Great blog about our plank day! Loved the music choice for your slideshow. :)

Stefanie Mockler said...

I absolutely love this!!! And planks on the monkey bars? Rockstar status. :)