Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just Add Color

I have been waiting for two months now for Mother's Day. Not so I could get some flowers or a card or even a great dinner- which I did. I was waiting for The Color Run Seattle 5K. My nine year old son decided to run with me as my gift from him. It was our first ever 5k together & his first 5k ever. It was so amazing to get up at 5:15AM (note some sarcasm) & head out to Seattle. Hunter my oldest tagged along to be our camera man. He captured some great pictures that will forever be in my memory. This will most likely be the best Mother's Day for a long time to come. I will let the pictures tell the story of how we started off white & ended up looking like a rainbow of colors. It is so cool to have my boys involved in my runs now! 

In the beginning there was a group of 9 clean runners....

For some it was the first mom & son 5K

It also meant best friends running their 7th race together

Friends who met everyday at the gym for weeks to support eachother

There was over 6,000 runners...fastest sell out time ever!

We began our run & laughed the whole way!

Jacob turned into a smurf at the first color zone

The people in the green color zone went a little nuts on us- we looked like the Hulk!

By the end we looked like a rainbow explosion!

We all had fun & all the kids ran their very best!

Jacob kept up anytime I asked to run including a big hill.

The Color Party at the end- was so fun! It was a little hard to breathe but we didn't care.

Bekah's husband looked awesome in all his color.

Color Party Zone

We got photo bombed by random dude!

My little guy resting after the race eating a snack.

It was a morning filled with laughter & fun that I will never forgot. It was so much fun that Hunter my oldest who took all the pictures wants to run it next year! I can't wait to maybe get the whole family to join us in the fun! 

An Overhead shot of Seattle

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